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Research Article
Double-layer probiotic encapsulation for enhanced bacteriotherapy against inflammatory bowel disease
Published: 05 July 2024
Review Article
Platelet-based bioactive systems guided precision targeting and immune regulation for cancer therapy
Published: 26 June 2024
Research Article
Antimicrobial hydrogel with multiple pH-responsiveness for infected burn wound healing
Published: 22 June 2023
2023, 16 (8)
Research Article
Nano-STING agonist-decorated microrobots boost innate and adaptive anti-tumor immunity
Published: 31 May 2023
2023, 16 (7)
Review Article
Native and engineered exosomes for inflammatory disease
Published: 27 December 2022
2023, 16 (5)
Research Article
Exosome-mimicking nanovesicles derived from efficacy-potentiated stem cell membrane and secretome for regeneration of injured tissue
Published: 12 October 2021
2022, 15 (2)
Review Article
2D nanomaterials for tissue engineering application
Published: 05 August 2020
2020, 13 (8)
Review Article
Nano-enabled cellular engineering for bioelectric studies
Published: 21 December 2019
2020, 13 (5)
Research Article
Controlled oxidation of Ni for stress-free hole transport layer of large-scale perovskite solar cells
Published: 16 November 2019
2019, 12 (12)
Research Article
Random lasing detection of structural transformation and compositions in silk fibroin scaffolds
Published: 23 October 2018
2019, 12 (2)
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