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Recent progress in graphene-based wearable piezoresistive sensors: From 1D to 3D device geometries
Nano Materials Science 2023, 5 (3): 247-264
Published: 04 January 2022

Electronic skin and flexible wearable devices have attracted tremendous attention in the fields of human-machine interaction, energy storage, and intelligent robots. As a prevailing flexible pressure sensor with high performance, the piezoresistive sensor is believed to be one of the fundamental components of intelligent tactile skin. Furthermore, graphene can be used as a building block for highly flexible and wearable piezoresistive sensors owing to its light weight, high electrical conductivity, and excellent mechanical. This review provides a comprehensive summary of recent advances in graphene-based piezoresistive sensors, which we systematically classify as various configurations including one-dimensional fiber, two-dimensional thin film, and three-dimensional foam geometries, followed by examples of practical applications for health monitoring, human motion sensing, multifunctional sensing, and system integration. We also present the sensing mechanisms and evaluation parameters of piezoresistive sensors. This review delivers broad insights on existing graphene-based piezoresistive sensors and challenges for the future generation of high-performance, multifunctional sensors in various applications.

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