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Diagnosis and treatment of micro-entrapment syndrome of nerves innervating the face: A report of two cases
Journal of Neurorestoratology 2022, 10 (1): 66-71
Published: 05 March 2022
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The term "micro-entrapment syndrome of nerves innervating the face (MESNIF)" is a relatively new concept. It refers to the micro-entrapment of facial nerve (trigeminal nerve and facial nerve) terminals for various reasons, resulting in one-side facial discomfort, subjective sensory abnormalities, or stiffness, and in certain cases, localized micro muscle movement abnormalities and motor disharmony. It is frequently caused by facial paralysis or chronic trigeminal neuritis or injury, and is prevalent in clinical practice. Peripheral facial paralysis affects 60%-70% of people. Both men and women are susceptible to it. It is most common in young and middle-aged women. At the moment, there are two types of therapy options for this disease: nonsurgical treatments and surgical treatments. Among surgical treatments, pulsed radiofrequency has good curative results. This paper describes two typical situations that had good curative effects.

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