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Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of Nano Research Energy
Nano Research Energy 2023, 2: e9120072
Published: 28 April 2023
Open Access Editorial Issue
Nano Research Energy: An interdisciplinary journal centered on nanomaterials and nanotechnology for energy
Nano Research Energy 2022, 1: e9120005
Published: 25 April 2022
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Building durable aqueous K-ion capacitors based on MXene family
Nano Research Energy 2022, 1: 9120002
Published: 28 March 2022

Obtaining stable aqueous K-ion capacitors is still challenging due to the cathode materials tended to structurally collapse after long-term cycling during large-radius K-ion insertion/extraction. In this work, three different typical MXene electrodes, i.e., Nb2C, Ti2C, and Ti3C2 were individually investigated upon their electrochemical behaviors for potassium-ion (K-ion) storage. All these MXene materials exhibited pseudocapacitive-dominated behaviors, fast kinetics, and durable K-ion storage, delivering superior performance compared with other K-ion host materials. According to the experimental results, it could be ascribed to the intrinsically large interlayer distance for K-ion transport and the superb structural stability of MXene even subjected to long-term potassiation/depotassiation process.

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