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Enhanced thermoelectric properties of hydrothermally synthesized n-type Se&Lu-codoped Bi2Te3
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2020, 9 (4): 424-431
Published: 15 May 2020

N-type Se&Lu-codoped Bi2Te3 nanopowders were prepared by hydrothermal method and sintered by spark plasma sintering technology to form dense samples. By further doping Se element into Lu-doped Bi2Te3 samples, the thickness of the nanosheets has the tendency to become thinner. The electrical conductivity of Lu0.1Bi1.9Te3-xSex material is reduced with the increasing Se content due to the reduced carrier concentration, while the Seeback coefficient values are enhanced. The lattice thermal conductivity of the Lu0.1Bi1.9Te3-xSex is greatly reduced due to the introduced point defects and atomic mass fluctuation. Finally, the Lu0.1Bi1.9Te2.7Se0.3 sample obtained a maximum ZT value of 0.85 at 420 K. This study provides a low-cost and simple low-temperature method to mass production of Se&Lu-codoped Bi2Te3 with high thermoelectric performance for practical applications.

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