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Research Article
Particle elasticity influences polymeric artificial antigen presenting cell effectiveness in vivo via CD8+ T cell activation, macrophage uptake, and the protein corona
Published: 04 April 2024
Research Article
Polydopamine-coated photoautotrophic bacteria for improving extracellular electron transfer in living photovoltaics
Published: 25 January 2024
2024, 17 (2)
Research Article
In vivo polydopamine coating of Rhodobacter sphaeroides for enhanced electron transfer
Published: 12 January 2024
2024, 17 (2)
Review Article
Recent advances in small-scale hydrogel-based robots for adaptive biomedical applications
Published: 16 October 2023
2024, 17 (2)
Research Article
Spontaneous, scalable, and self-similar superhydrophobic coatings for all-weather deicing
Published: 15 February 2023
2023, 16 (5)
Review Article
Polymer-based hybrid materials and their application in personal health
Published: 30 August 2022
2023, 16 (3)
Research Article | Open Access
A topology framework for macromolecular complexes and condensates
Published: 19 May 2022
2022, 15 (11)
Research Article
Schiff-base silver nanocomplexes formation on natural biopolymer coated mesoporous silica contributed to the improved curative effect on infectious microbes
Published: 20 January 2021
2021, 14 (8)
Review Article
From biomimicry to bioelectronics: Smart materials for cardiac tissue engineering
Published: 26 February 2020
2020, 13 (5)
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