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CatalyticTheorySemiconductorNano unitSynthesisNano deviceNano biologyNano detectionMorphologyFabricationEnergyCarbonMaterial composition
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devices Field effect transistorsoptoelectronic devicessensorsoptoelectronic devicetheorymicro/nanorobotsensorNanodevice
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Computer circuits Crystal filters Display devices Electrolytic capacitors Infrared devices Nanoelectronics Nanogenerators Organic light emitting diodes (OLED) ProbesSignal detectionSignal transductionSignalingCMOS integrated circuitsDielectric devicesElectron devicesLiquid crystal displaysManufactureMicrowave sensorsMonolithic integrated circuitsMOS devicesOrganic field effect transistorsOrganic lasersOscillators (electronic)Plasma applicationsPlasma etchingSheet resistanceSignal encodingSignal processingThin film circuitsThin film transistorsULSI circuitsWeavingWSI circuitsMagnetic devices devices devices Nanogenerators Nanoelectronics Thin film transistorsSignal detectionDielectric devicesSignal encodingThin film circuitsElectron devicesMicrowave sensorsCMOS integrated circuits
Research Article
Highly anisotropic thermal conductivity of few-layer CrOCl for efficient heat dissipation in graphene device
Published: 23 July 2022
Downloads: 9 | Views: 140 | PDF (12.9 MB)
Research Article
Rationally engineered Co and N co-doped WS2 as bifunctional catalysts for pH-universal hydrogen evolution and oxidative dehydrogenation reactions
Published: 09 November 2021
Downloads: 5 | Views: 201 | PDF (5.5 MB)
Review Article
Recent progresses of NMOS and CMOS logic functions based on two-dimensional semiconductors
Published: 25 July 2020
Downloads: 12 | Views: 167 | PDF (50.9 MB)
Research Article
Shape anisotropic Fe3O4 nanotubes for efficient microwave absorption
Published: 26 February 2020
Downloads: 8 | Views: 152 | PDF (33.6 MB)
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