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  • Cancer Innovation is a high-quality peer-reviewed open access journal covering key topics in all aspects of cancer research, focusing on emerging interdisciplinary, strategic frontiers and key common technologies in oncology. The journal is dedicated to publishing innovative and significant research results in basic research and clinical oncology, including novel antitumor drugs, especially clinical trials with genetic/molecular signature data, big data-driven research on intelligent tumor diagnosis and treatment, interdisciplinary oncology innovation research and clinical translation in engineering, informatics, pharmacology, and biology. It also includes multidisciplinary oncology research and clinical translation of oncology and other medical subspecialties, such as cardiology, neurology, respiratory medicine, fertility and other interdisciplinary integration research and co-morbidity management, and also new viewpoints, new ideas, new methods and new models of cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management.

    The journal focuses on the development of carcinogenesis, basic science, clinical research, and translational applications in tumor prevention and precision diagnosis and treatment, aiming to provide authoritative references and best information for oncology-related researchers, promote the development of the field of oncology, and guide innovation and medical transformation. We sincerely welcome and accept insights and discussions from oncology scholars and experts worldwide.

    Cancer Innovation covers the following 8 academic sections: Basic Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research, Oncological Pharmacology, Oncologic Imaging, Cancer Genomics, Cancer Informatics, Artificial Intelligence Application, and Lung Cancer.

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Fei Ma

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