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  • Building Simulation publishes original, high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and review articles dealing with modeling and simulation of buildings including their systems. The goal is to promote the field of building science and technology to such a level that modeling will eventually be used in every aspect of building construction as a routine instead of an exception. Of particular interest are papers that reflect recent developments and applications of modeling tools and their impact on advances of building science and technology.

    The scope below will develop as the field of building simulation evolves. Authors are encouraged to contribute papers from different angles of interest, making Building Simulation a dynamic channel and valuable resource for new scientific findings and engineering applications.

      • Building Thermal, Lighting, and Acoustics Modeling: building physics; building acoustics; daylighting and lighting; innovative high-performance building materials; climate change.
      • Building Systems and Components: intelligent building operation; energy storage and utilization; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); solar energy utilization in buildings; building integrated renewable energy.
      • Indoor/Outdoor Airflow and Air Quality: CFD and airflow; indoor environmental quality (IEQ); microclimate; healthy buildings.
      • Architecture and Human Behavior: human behavior and comfort; zero energy buildings (ZEB); simulation at urban/district scale; demand flexibility and resilience.
      • Advances in Modeling and Simulation Tools: big data and machine learning; validation, calibration and uncertainty; new software development; innovative simulation application; buildings-to-grid integration simulation and controls.

    All these topics may be addressed from urban scale to microscopic scale, and for different phases during the building life cycle; from schematic design, to detailed design to construction, commissioning, operation, control and maintenance of new and existing building.

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Da Yan

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  • Building Simulation is co-published by Tsinghua University Press and Springer Nature.

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