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Highly enhanced thermoelectric and mechanical performance of copper sulfides via natural mineral in-situ phase separation
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2024, 13 (5): 641-651
Published: 28 May 2024
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In situ phase separation precipitates play an important role in enhancing the thermoelectric properties of copper sulfides by suppressing phonon transmission. In this study, Cu1.8S composites were fabricated by melting reactions and spark plasma sintering. The complex structures, namely, micron-PbS, Sb2S3, nano-FeS, and multiscale pores, originate from the introduction of FePb4Sb6S14 into the Cu1.8S matrix. Using effective element (Fe) doping and multiscale precipitates, the Cu1.8S+0.5 wt% FePb4Sb6S14 bulk composite reached a high dimensionless figure of merit (ZT) value of 1.1 at 773 K. Furthermore, the modulus obtained for this sample was approximately 40.27 GPa, which was higher than that of the pristine sample. This study provides a novel strategy for realizing heterovalent doping while forming various precipitates via in situ phase separation by natural minerals, which has been proven to be effective in improving the thermoelectric and mechanical performance of copper sulfides and is worth promoting in other thermoelectric systems.

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