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Single Fe atom-anchored manganese dioxide for efficient removal of volatile organic compounds in refrigerator
Nano Research 2024, 17 (5): 3927-3933
Published: 13 January 2024

The efficient and rapid removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) holds significant importance for ensuring food quality and human health, particularly within the low-temperature confined spaces in refrigerators. However, achieving effective VOCs degradation under such conditions poses challenges in terms of activating inert bonds and facilitating mass transfer. In this study, we propose a novel solution by designing a cleaner module that incorporates 1.07% single Fe atom-anchored manganese dioxide catalysts (FeSAs-MnO2). The combination of single Fe atoms and defect-rich MnO2 substrate efficiently activates molecular oxygen, leading to enhanced generation of highly reactive oxygen species (ROS). Non-thermal plasma (NTP) and circulating fan are introduced to facilitate the regeneration of catalytic activity and improve mass transfer. The FeSAs-MnO2 cleaner module demonstrates exceptional performance in trimethylamine (TMA) removal, achieving a conversion efficiency of 98.9% for 9 ppm within just 9 min. Furthermore, accelerated aging tests predict an extended service life of up to 45 years for the FeSAs-MnO2 cleaner module, surpassing the expected lifespan of refrigerators significantly.

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