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Algorithm contest of motor imagery BCI in the World Robot Contest 2022: A survey
Brain Science Advances 2023, 9 (3): 166-181
Published: 05 September 2023

From August 19 to 21, 2022, the BCI Controlled Robot Contest finals in the World Robot Contest 2022 were held in Beijing, China. Fifteen teams participated in the finals in the Algorithm Contest of Motor Imagery BCI. This paper introduces the algorithms in the motor imagery (MI) classification area, describes the competition content and set, and summarizes the algorithms and results of the top five teams in the finals.

First, the MI paradigm and the overview of the existing motor imagery brain–computer interface classification algorithms are introduced, followed by the introduction of the algorithms of the top five teams in the final step by step, including electroencephalography channel selection, data length selection, data preprocessing, data augmentation, classification network, training, and testing settings. Finally, the highlights and results of each algorithm are discussed.

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