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A Deep Neural Collaborative Filtering Based Service Recommendation Method with Multi-Source Data for Smart Cloud-Edge Collaboration Applications
Tsinghua Science and Technology 2024, 29 (3): 897-910
Published: 04 December 2023
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Service recommendation provides an effective solution to extract valuable information from the huge and ever-increasing volume of big data generated by the large cardinality of user devices. However, the distributed and rich multi-source big data resources raise challenges to the centralized cloud-based data storage and value mining approaches in terms of economic cost and effective service recommendation methods. In view of these challenges, we propose a deep neural collaborative filtering based service recommendation method with multi-source data (i.e., NCF-MS) in this paper, which adopts the cloud-edge collaboration computing paradigm to build recommendation model. More specifically, the Stacked Denoising Auto Encoder (SDAE) module is adopted to extract user/service features from auxiliary user profiles and service attributes. The Multiple Layer Perceptron (MLP) module is adopted to integrate the auxiliary user/service features to train the recommendation model. Finally, we evaluate the effectiveness of the NCF-MS method on three public datasets. The experimental results show that our proposed method achieves better performance than existing methods.

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