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Tricine-supported polyoxo(alkoxo)lanthanide cluster {Ln15} (Ln = Eu, Gd, Tb) with magnetic refrigerant and fluorescent properties
Polyoxometalates 2023, 2 (2): 9140026
Published: 12 March 2023

A family of polyoxo(alkoxo)lanthanide cluster {Ln15} (Ln = Eu (1), Gd (2), Tb (3)) was successfully isolated via a simple hydrolysis reaction of lanthanide metal ions in the presence of tricine ligands. X-ray diffraction analyses revealed that {Ln15} displayed a wheel-like structure with a µ5-chloride anion as a template. Interestingly, each analog showed distinctive functions based on the different Ln(III) ions. Complexes 1 and 3 in the solid state emitted the characteristic fluorescence of Eu(III) or Tb(III). The fluorescence lifetimes of the 5D0 excited state for 1 and the 5D4 excited state for 3 were tested, and the values were 890 and 250 μs, respectively. Meanwhile, gadolinium analog 2 exhibited a magneto-caloric effect at ultralow temperatures with a maximum −ΔSm value of 29.9 J·kg−1·K−1 at 3 K and 7 T.

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