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Recent progress in preventive effect of collagen peptides on photoaging skin and action mechanism
Food Science and Human Wellness 2022, 11 (2): 218-229
Published: 25 November 2021

Ultraviolet (UV)-induced photoaging skin has become an urgent issue. The functional foods and cosmetics aiming to improve skin photoaging are developing rapidly, and the demand is gradually increasing year by year. Collagen peptides have been proven to display diverse physiological activities, such as excellent moisture retention activity, hygroscopicity, tyrosinase inhibitory activity and antioxidant activity, which indicates that they have great potential in amelioration of UV-induced photoaging. The main objective of this article is to recap the main mechanisms to improve photoaging skin by collagen peptides and their physiological activities in photo-protection. Furthermore, the extraction and structural characteristics of collagen peptides are overviewed. More importantly, some clinical trials on the beneficial effect on skin of collagen peptides are also discussed. In addition, prospects and challenges of collagen peptides are emphatically elucidated in this review. This article implies that collagen peptides have great potential as an effective ingredient in food and cosmetics industry with a wide application prospect.

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