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Regulation and control of wet friction of soft materials using surface texturing: A review
Friction 2023, 11 (3): 333-353
Published: 07 July 2022
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Surface texturing is a smart strategy that is commonly used in nature or industry to improve the tribological properties of sliding surfaces. Herein, we focus on the recent research progress pertaining to the wet friction modification of soft elastomers via texturing. To consider the pertinent physical mechanisms, we present and discuss the fundamentals of wet sliding on soft surfaces (including dewetting and wetting transitions in compliant contacts). Subsequently, we consider the methods in which the characteristic textures regulate and control wet sliding behaviors on soft surfaces; these textures range from conventional patterns of dimples to bioinspired architectures and can either positively or adversely impact the interfacial friction force. Furthermore, we briefly address the perspectives, potential applications, and challenges of texture design for modifying the friction characteristics of soft materials.

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