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Full-duplex strategy for video object segmentation
Computational Visual Media 2023, 9 (1): 155-175
Published: 18 October 2022

Previous video object segmentation appro-aches mainly focus on simplex solutions linking appearanceand motion, limiting effective feature collaboration between these two cues. In this work, we study anovel and efficient full-duplex strategy network (FSNet) to address this issue, by considering a better mutual restraint scheme linking motion and appearance allowing exploitation of cross-modal features from the fusion and decoding stage. Specifically, we introduce a relational cross-attention module (RCAM) to achieve bidirectional message propagation across embedding sub-spaces. To improve the model’s robustness and update inconsistent features from the spatiotemporal embeddings, we adopt a bidirectional purification module after the RCAM. Extensive experiments on five popular benchmarks show that our FSNet is robust to various challenging scenarios (e.g., motion blur and occlusion), and compares well to leading methods both for video object segmentation and video salient object detection. The project is publicly available at

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