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Al-modification for PS-PVD 7YSZ TBCs to improve particle erosion and thermal cycle performances
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2022, 11 (7): 1093-1103
Published: 04 May 2022

Plasma spray-physical vapor deposition (PS-PVD) as a novel process was used to prepare feather-like columnar thermal barrier coatings (TBCs). This special microstructure shows good strain tolerance and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) deposition, giving great potential application in aero-engine. However, due to serious service environment of aero-engine, particle erosion performance is a weakness for PS-PVD 7YSZ TBCs. As a solution, an Al-modification approach was proposed in this investigation. Through in-situ reaction of Al and ZrO2, an α-Al2O3 overlay can be formed on the surface of 7YSZ columnar coating. The results demonstrate that this approach can improve particle erosion resistance since hardness improvement of Al-modified TBCs. Meanwhile, as another important performance of thermal cycle, it has a better optimization with 350-cycle water-quenching, compared with the as-sprayed TBCs.

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