Open Access Issue
BCSE: Blockchain-Based Trusted Service Evaluation Model over Big Data
Big Data Mining and Analytics 2022, 5 (1): 1-14
Published: 27 December 2021

The blockchain, with its key characteristics of decentralization, persistence, anonymity, and auditability, has become a solution to overcome the overdependence and lack of trust for a traditional public key infrastructure on third-party institutions. Because of these characteristics, the blockchain is suitable for solving certain open problems in the service-oriented social network, where the unreliability of submitted reviews of service vendors can cause serious security problems. To solve the unreliability problems of submitted reviews, this paper first proposes a blockchain-based identity authentication scheme and a new trusted service evaluation model by introducing the scheme into a service evaluation model. The new trusted service evaluation model consists of the blockchain-based identity authentication scheme, evaluation submission module, and evaluation publicity module. In the proposed evaluation model, only users who have successfully been authenticated can submit reviews to service vendors. The registration and authentication records of users’ identity and the reviews for service vendors are all stored in the blockchain network. The security analysis shows that this model can ensure the credibility of users’ reviews for service vendors, and other users can obtain credible reviews of service vendors via the review publicity module. The experimental results also show that the proposed model has a lower review submission delay than other models.

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