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Efficient spectral regulation in Ce:Lu3(Al,Cr)5O12 and Ce:Lu3(Al,Cr)5O12/Ce:Y3Al5O12 transparent ceramics with high color rendering index for high-power white LEDs/LDs
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2021, 10 (5): 1107-1118
Published: 14 July 2021
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Realizing a high color rendering index (CRI) in Ce:LuAG transparent ceramics (TCs) with desired thermal stability is essential to their applications in white LEDs/LDs as color converters. In this study, based on the scheme of configuring the red component by Cr3+ doping, an efficient spectral regulation was realized in Ce,Cr:LuAG TCs. A unilateral shift phenomenon could be observed in both photoluminescence (PL) and photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectra of TCs. By constructing TC-based white LED/LD devices in a remote excitation mode, luminescence properties of Ce,Cr:LuAG TCs were systematically investigated. The CRI values of Ce:LuAG TC based white LEDs could be increased by a magnitude of 46.2%. Particularly, by combining the as fabricated Ce,Cr:LuAG TCs with a 0.5 at% Ce:YAG TC, surprising CRI values of 88 and 85.5 were obtained in TC based white LEDs and LDs, respectively. Therefore, Ce,Cr:LuAG TC is a highly promising color convertor for high-power white LEDs/LDs applied in general lighting and displaying.

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