Open Access Issue
Artificial Intelligence for Edge Service Optimization in Internet of Vehicles: A Survey
Tsinghua Science and Technology 2022, 27 (2): 270-287
Published: 29 September 2021

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) plays a crucial role in providing diversified services because of its powerful capability of collecting real-time information. Generally, collected information is transmitted to a centralized resource-intensive cloud platform for service implementation. Edge Computing (EC) that deploys physical resources near road-side units is involved in IoV to support real-time services for vehicular users. Additionally, many measures are adopted to optimize the performance of EC-enabled IoV, but they hardly help make dynamic decisions according to real-time requests. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of enhancing the learning capacity of edge devices and thus assists in allocating resources dynamically. Although extensive research has employed AI to optimize EC performance, summaries with relative concepts or prospects are quite few. To address this gap, we conduct an exhaustive survey about utilizing AI in edge service optimization in IoV. Firstly, we establish the general condition and relative concepts about IoV, EC, and AI. Secondly, we review the edge service frameworks for IoV and explore the use of AI in edge server placement and service offloading. Finally, we discuss a number of open issues in optimizing edge services with AI.

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