Open Access Special Reports Issue
Clinical diagnosis guidelines and neurorestorative treatment for chronic disorders of consciousness (2021 China version)
Journal of Neurorestoratology 2021, 9 (1): 50-59
Published: 09 June 2021

Chronic disorders of consciousness (DOC) include the vegetative state and the minimally consciousness state. The DOC diagnosis mainly relies on the evaluation of clinical behavioral scales, electrophysiological testing, and neuroimaging examinations. No specifically effective neurorestorative methods for chronic DOC currently exist. Any valuable exploration therapies of being able to repair functions and/or structures in the consciousness loop (e.g., drugs, hyperbaric medicines, noninvasive neurostimulation, sensory and environmental stimulation, invasive neuromodulation therapy, and cell transplantation) may become effective neurorestorative strategies for chronic DOC. In the viewpoint of Neurorestoratology, this guideline proposes the diagnostic and neurorestorative therapeutic suggestions and future exploration direction for this disease following the review of the existing treatment exploration achievements for chronic DOC.

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