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Microstructural evolution of h-BN matrix composite ceramics with La–Al–Si–O glass phase during hot-pressed sintering
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2021, 10 (3): 493-501
Published: 24 March 2021

BN/La–Al–Si–O composite ceramics were fabricated by hot-pressed sintering using hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), lanthanum oxide (La2O3), aluminia (Al2O3), and amorphous silica (SiO2) as the raw materials. The effects of sintering temperature on microstructural evolution, bulk density, apparent porosity, and mechanical properties of the h-BN composite ceramics were investigated. The results indicated that La–Al–Si–O liquid phase was formed during sintering process, which provided an environment for the growth of h-BN grains. With increasing sintering temperature, the cristobalite phase precipitation and h-BN grain growth occurred at the same time, which had a significant influence on the densification and mechanical properties of h-BN composite ceramics. The best mechanical properties of BN/La–Al–Si–O composite ceramics were obtained under the sintering temperature of 1700 ℃. The elastic modulus, flexural strength, and fracture toughness were 80.5 GPa, 266.4 MPa, and 3.25 MPa·m1/2, respectively.

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