Open Access Issue
Prediction of COVID-19 Confirmed, Death, and Cured Cases in India Using Random Forest Model
Big Data Mining and Analytics 2021, 4 (2): 116-123
Published: 01 February 2021

A novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is an unusual viral pneumonia in patients, first found in late December 2019, latter it declared a pandemic by World Health Organizations because of its fatal effects on public health. In this present, cases of COVID-19 pandemic are exponentially increasing day by day in the whole world. Here, we are detecting the COVID-19 cases, i.e., confirmed, death, and cured cases in India only. We are performing this analysis based on the cases occurring in different states of India in chronological dates. Our dataset contains multiple classes so we are performing multi-class classification. On this dataset, first, we performed data cleansing and feature selection, then performed forecasting of all classes using random forest, linear model, support vector machine, decision tree, and neural network, where random forest model outperformed the others, therefore, the random forest is used for prediction and analysis of all the results. The K-fold cross-validation is performed to measure the consistency of the model.

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