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Enhanced energy storage properties of Bi0.5Li0.5TiO3 modified Sr0.1Bi0.45Na0.45TiO3 based ceramics
Journal of Advanced Ceramics 2016, 5 (3): 219-224
Published: 21 August 2016

Lead-free (1-x)Sr0.1Bi0.45Na0.45TiO3-xBi0.5Li0.5TiO3 (x = 0-0.4) ceramics were successfully prepared by a solid-state reaction technique. The effects of amount of Bi0.5Li0.5TiO3 on structure and electrical properties were examined. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis revealed that all the investigated specimens have a perovskite structure. An obvious change in microstructure with the increase of Bi0.5Li0.5TiO3 concentration was observed. This study demonstrated that relaxor could be stabilized in Sr0.1Bi0.45Na0.45TiO3 based ceramics by lowering the tolerance factor and electronegativity difference. Besides, a dielectric anomaly related to thermal evolution of crystallographic symmetry was emerged at the depolarization temperature. Upon incorporation of 26 mol% Bi0.5Li0.5TiO3, the specimens were able to withstand an electric field intensity of 106.9 kV/cm with an energy density of 0.88 J/cm3 and an energy efficiency of 65%.

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