Open Access Editorial Issue
Editorial for the Special Issue on 10th Anniversary of Friction
Friction 2022, 10 (10): 1439-1442
Published: 11 October 2022

Open Access Review Article Issue
Friction 2013, 1 (2): 100-113
Published: 13 June 2013

Friction studies in biological systems are reviewed, including synovial joints (cartilage, meniscus), eye, pleurae, fat pad, skin, and oral cavity as well as daily activities associated with shaving, brushing, slip, etc. Both natural systems and medical interventions in terms of diagnoses and artificial replacements are considered. Important relevant biomechanical, physiological, and anatomical factors are reviewed in conjunction with friction studies in terms of both methodologies and friction coefficients. Important underlying tribological mechanisms related to friction are briefly discussed. A unified view on the lubrication mechanism responsible for the low friction in most soft biological tissues is presented.

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