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A Novel Transparent and Auditable Fog-Assisted Cloud Storage with Compensation Mechanism
Tsinghua Science and Technology 2020, 25 (1): 28-43
Published: 22 July 2019

This paper introduces a new fog-assisted cloud storage which can achieve much higher throughput compared to the traditional cloud-only storage architecture by reducing the traffics toward the cloud storage. The fog-storage service providers are transparency to end-users and therefore, no modification on the end-user devices is necessary. This new system is featured with (1) a stronger audit scheme which is naturally coupled with the proposed architecture and does not suffer from the replay attack and (2) a transparent and efficient compensation mechanism for the fog-storage service providers. We provide rigorous theoretical analysis on the correctness and soundness of the proposed system. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first paper to discuss about a storage data audit scheme for fog-assisted cloud storage as well as the compensation mechanism for the service providers of the fog-storage service providers.

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