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Genome-wide studies of time of day in the brain: Design and analysis
Brain Science Advances 2020, 6 (2): 92-105
Published: 31 August 2020

Transcriptome profiling at different times of day is powerful for studying circadian regulation in model organisms and humans. To date, 24 h profiles from many tissue types suggest that about half of all genes are circadian-expressed somewhere in the body. However, few of these studies focused on the brain. Thus, despite known links between circadian disruption and neurological disease, we have virtually no mechanistic understanding. In the coming decade, we expect more genome-wide studies of time of day in different brain diseases, regions, and cell types. We expect just as many different approaches to the design and analysis of these studies. This review considers key principles of circadian tran scriptomics, with the goal of maximizing utility and reproducibility of future studies in the nervous system.

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