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Keyword: oxygen evolution reaction
Review Article | Open Access
Te-mediated electro-driven oxygen evolution reaction
Published: 09 October 2022
2022, 1: 9120029
Review Article | Open Access
Iridium-based catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction in acidic media: Mechanism, catalytic promotion effects and recent progress
Published: 10 March 2023
2023, 2: e9120056
Review Article | Open Access
Metal–organic framework and carbon hybrid nanostructures: Fabrication strategies and electrocatalytic application for the water splitting and oxygen reduction reaction
Published: 01 June 2023
2023, 2: e9120078
Research Article | Open Access
Interface engineering of Fe-Sn-Co sulfide/oxyhydroxide heterostructural electrocatalyst for synergistic water splitting
Published: 22 November 2023
2024, 3: e9120106
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