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  • Technology Review for Carbon Neutrality (TRCN) is a multidisciplinary, open-access international journal tracking low-, zero-, and negative- carbon technology innovations around the world. Through expert reviews and in-depth journalism, it supplies credible information, nuanced understanding, and project opportunity for global scientists and engineers, executives, investors, and policy makers.


    To build a global platform of communication on net-zero technology innovations for global leaders.


    To challenge established thinking and behaviors and catalyze global net-zero ecosystems.

    Fields of submission

    The journal welcomes submissions on carbon technology innovations including (but not limited to): renewables; fossil fuels transformation; fusion; smart grid; energy storage; hydrogen; industrial decarbonization; energy efficiency; net-zero building; electric transportation; carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS); bioenergy; carbon sinks.

    Submissions may also address trends in economics, market mechanisms, policies, and global governance innovations as well as larger social impact conducive to carbon technology deployment.

    Types of submission

    The journal welcomes long reviews, short reviews, and perspectives from leading academic and industry experts that have wide and important implications for achieving net-zero. Book reviews (monographs or textbooks) by leading experts are also welcome. The journal further welcomes in-depth journalism reporting on emerging industry trends and innovative projects around the world. All submissions should demonstrate accuracy of information, cutting-edge knowledge, originality, and insight of the field. TRCN particularly looks for articles that demonstrate problem-oriented, interdisciplinary, and systemic thinking and present the technology – industry – policy – social ecosystem.


    Why publish with us?

    TRCN is committed to high-quality publishing values and strives to provide a fair, rapid, and rigorous peer-review process as well as open access and global publicity for authors.

    TRCN seeks to build long-term trust with leading experts around the world and supports them with top global resources in academia, industry, investment and policy circles. TRCN helps to extend their impact beyond disciplinary and national borders and attract opportunity to their projects. 


    TRCN is sponsored by Tsinghua University, and published by Tsinghua University Press.

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  • Editors-in-Chief: Kebin He, Michael B. McElroy

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