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  • This journal is motivated by exploring the connection between cybernetics and intelligence. This may go back to the 1940s when cybernetics as a terminology was born. The concept of “cybernetics” was developed in the 1943 by Norbert Weiner to discuss the similarity between brain and computers. This leads to the birth of modern automation science and engineering, as well as the beginning of machine intelligence. In nowadays, automation is composed of cybernetics, informatics, and system theory, and pervasively applied in industry, agriculture, service, energy systems as well as other fields in modern civilization.

    By exploring the similarity between cybernetics and intelligence, we may further enhance the research on the theories to describe the behavior of complex man-made systems, on the technologies to control their performance for energy efficiency and economic considerations, and on the algorithms to achieve intelligence in different fields.

    The rationale for this journal is to promote the research in cybernetics and intelligence, including but not limited to the following aspects.

    • Models, theories, and algorithms in system engineering
    • Machine intelligence
    • Reinforcement learning
    • Pattern recognition
    • Smart buildings
    • Smart grid
    • Industry
    • Autonomous vehicles
    • Brain-inspired computing
    • Sensing and instrumentation
    • Automatic control
    • Digital twins
    • Cybersecurity

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Tao Zhang

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