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  • Environmental Functional Materials (EFM) is an international, open access journal. It publishes quality, cutting-edge research related to multi-scale functional materials and technology for green environment in water, soil and air, environmental monitoring and analysis. EFM particularly welcomes original, novel, fundamental and engineering research. EFM also aims to provide a platform for discussions, articles, reviews/mini-reviews and previews on functional materials and their impact on the eco-environment. Topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Sustainable materials and technologies
    • Materials for capture, storage and chemical conversion of carbon dioxide
    • Absorbent materials in environmental pollution
    • Catalytic degradation materials in environmental pollution
    • Environmental remediation materials
    • Materials and technologies in clean air
    • Climate change and pollution control materials
    • Materials and technologies in clean water, waste water treatment, and desalination
    • New environmental alternative materials in clean processing and use of fossil resources
    • Photocatalytic materials applied to environmental problems
    • Energy saving and emission reduction materials
    • Migration and transformation of environmental materials

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Jinren Ni

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