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ETS-Data – A new transportation database from China

ETS-Data was launched in April, 2022, and was jointly established by Tsinghua University Press and School of Vehicle and Transportation, Tsinghua University. It was recently indexed by DCI (Data Citation Index), the world's leading data citation index database based on Web of Science. ETS-Data is the first Chinese transportation science database included in DCI.

ETS-Data, a publicly accessible database, provides indispensable materials for result replications, including data, codes, scripts, simulations, experiment designs and other essential files. These are intended to enable other researchers to reproduce and extend the excellent research of the transportation community, which enhances the visibility, reputation, credibility and sharing of research publications. All the data can be downloaded for free with a signed agreement, and each piece of data has a permanent DOI identifier.

ETS-Data supports interlinking with journal papers. Currently, Communications in Transportation Research and Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles have become the first two English-language scientific journals included in ETS-Data. Both journals require all accepted manuscripts to submit Replication Package with code and data sharing.  

Welcome to share the transportation data with ETS-Data! Meanwhile, journals or organizations interested in joining ETS-Data are welcome to contact ets-data@tup.tsinghua.edu.cn.

Read more about https://ets-data.sciopen.com

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