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Call for Papers: Special Issue on AI Generated Content

The rapid advancement of deep learning and natural language processing has unveiled a paradigm-shifting phenomenon known as Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC). This groundbreaking technology possesses immense potential as a creative tool based on artificial intelligence, capable of generating profound and contextually relevant content. Encompassing various domains such as text, image, and audio generation, AIGC has found widespread applications in the realms of content creation, healthcare, e-commerce, and meteorology, revolutionizing traditional approaches in these fields. By leveraging the power of learning algorithms and pattern recognition, AIGC enables creators to swiftly generate articles, artworks, transactions, and meteorological updates, thereby expanding the boundaries of expression and unlocking new horizons for innovative content production.

Nonetheless, as with any scientific breakthrough, AIGC is not immune to challenges and obstacles. Primarily, advancing this technology requires overcoming complex algorithms to enhance the quality and diversity of generated content. Moreover, ensuring strict control over content quality is crucial as it must adhere to professional standards and ethical considerations. Additionally, addressing copyright and legal issues is paramount to prevent infringement and ensure compliance. In the face of these challenges, actively exploring uncharted research paths is essential to drive further development of AIGC technology.

This special issue aims to invite submissions of research/survey/application/demo papers related to the AI applications/theories in  generated content, including but not limited to the following:

  • Innovations in AI generative model architecture
  • Multi-level, multi-task fine-tuning of pretrained models
  • AIGC controllability
  • Large-scale generation model with multiple source fusion techniques
  • Optimization and acceleration algorithms for AIGC models
  • AIGC models interpretability
  • Evaluation techniques for AIGC models
  • Algorithm for AI pretrained data samples evaluating the quality
  • Encryption and decryption algorithms for pretrained samples
  • Tools and platforms for AIGC
  • Ethical safeguards in AIGC technology
  • Integration of AIGC with real-world applications
  • Personalized customization of AIGC
  • Privacy and security considerations in AIGC
  • Integration and deployment of AIGC models
  • Compatibility of AIGC with legal and policy frameworks
  • Self-supervision in AIGC
  • AIGC and sustainable development
  • Review of current AIGC technology
  • Challenges and potential for future development of AIGC

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Papers submitted to this journal for possible publication must be original and must not be under consideration for publication in any other journals. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their completed manuscript to with manuscript type as “Special Issue on AI Generated Content”.

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Deadline for submissions: January 30, 2024               


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