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Aims and Scope

iEnergy, has multiple meanings, intelligent energy, innovation for energy, internet of energy, and electrical energy due to “i” is the symbol of current. iEnergy, publishing quarterly, is a cross disciplinary journal aimed at disseminating frontiers of technologies and solutions of power and energy. The journal publishes original research on exploring all aspects of power and energy, including any kind of technologies and applications from power generation, transmission, distribution, to conversion, utilization, and storage. iEnergy provides a platform for delivering cutting-edge advancements of sciences and technologies for the future-generation power and energy systems.

In addition to publishing original Articles* and Letters*, iEnergy will publish Reviews*, Editorials, Research Highlights, and News & Views from all aspects concerned with energy.

* These types of papers are peer-reviewed, others are not.

Energies for Electricity Generation

1. Hydro Energy
2. Fossil Energy
3. Nuclear Energy
4. Wind Energy
5. Solar Energy
6. Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
7. Bioenergy
8. Other Emerging Energies

Power and Energy Systems

9. Electric Power Delivery
10. Energy Equipment    
11. Power System Operation and Control
12. Energy System Integration
13. Digital Energy Systems
14. Energy Economics, Policies and Strategies
15. Low Carbon Energy Technologies

Energy Conversion and Utilization

16. Electric Power Conversion
17. Electric Machine Systems
18. Energy System for Transportation
19. Energy System for Industry
20. Energy System for Residence
21. Energy Harvesting
22. Energy Storage