Journal of Neurorestoratology Open Access Editors-in-Chief: Hongyun Huang, Luming Li
About Journal
Aims and Scope

The Journal of Neurorestoratology is an international, peer-reviewed, and open access journal focusing on original experimental and clinical research, methodological advances, neurorestorative mechanisms’ exploring, and expert reviews in the field of Neurorestoratology. It is the official journal of the International Association of Neurorestoratology (IANR). Since 2022,  Journal of Neurorestoratology has been co-published by Tsinghua University and Elsevier.

Clinical studies on geriatric, pediatric, hereditary and traumatic disorders in central nervous system are of particular interest. Exploring on neurorestorative strategies is welcome, which involves cell therapy, tissue engineering or bioengineering, neuromodulation by electro-magnetic stimulation, neural prostheses or brain–machine interface, pharmacotherapy or chemical therapies, neurorestorative surgery, active rehabilitation training, etc., and combining applications.

What we publish

Research article: full-length reports on original research.

  • A structured abstract of no more than 300 words is required (Purpose, Methods, Results, and Conclusion)
  • Manuscripts in this category should use the following structure: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions.

Review: major topics in Neurorestoratology.

  • An unstructured abstract of no more than 200 words is required.

Case report: in clinical neuroscience.

  • An unstructured abstract of no more than 200 words is required.

Special Report: standards, guidelines, expert consensus in Neurorestoratology.