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Online Weakly DR-Submodular Optimization Under Stochastic Cumulative Constraints

Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China
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In this paper, we study a class of online continuous optimization problems. At each round, the utility function is the sum of a weakly diminishing-returns (DR) submodular function and a concave function, certain cost associated with the action will occur, and the problem has total limited budget. Combining the two methods, the penalty function and Frank-Wolfe strategies, we present an online method to solve the considered problem. Choosing appropriate stepsize and penalty parameters, the performance of the online algorithm is guaranteed, that is, it achieves sub-linear regret bound and certain mild constraint violation bound in expectation.



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Tsinghua Science and Technology
Pages 1667-1673
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Feng J, Yang R, Zhang Y, et al. Online Weakly DR-Submodular Optimization Under Stochastic Cumulative Constraints. Tsinghua Science and Technology, 2024, 29(6): 1667-1673.








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Received: 01 February 2023
Revised: 18 April 2023
Accepted: 05 May 2023
Published: 12 February 2024
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