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Blockchain Data Analysis from the Perspective of Complex Networks: Overview

School of Information Science and Engineering, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250307, China
School of Information Science and Engineering, Linyi University, Linyi 276005, China
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Cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology has gradually become a choice for people to invest in, and several users have participated in the accumulation of massive transaction data. Complete transaction records in blockchains and the openness of data provide researchers with opportunities to mine and analyze data in blockchains. Network modeling and analysis of cryptocurrency transaction records are common methods in blockchain data analysis. The analysis of attribute graphs can provide insights into various economic indicators, illegal activities, and general Internet security, among others. Accordingly, this article aims to summarize and analyze the literature on cryptocurrency transaction data from the perspective of complex networks. To provide systematic guidance for researchers, we put forward a blockchain data analysis framework based on the introduction of the relevant background and reviewed the work from five aspects: blockchain data model, data acquisition on blockchains, existing analysis tools, available insights, and common analysis methods. For each aspect, we introduce the research problems, summarize the methods, and discuss the results and findings. Finally, we present future research points and several open questions in the study of cryptocurrency transaction networks.


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