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Research Article | Open Access

[MoO4]2−-templated D4h-symmetric sandwich Ag13 nanocluster coprotected with thiolate and phosphine

Jin-Ping Gao1Zhikai Qi1Fu-Qiang Zhang1Xian-Ming Zhang1,2 ( )
Key Laboratory of Magnetic Molecules & Magnetic Information Materials (Ministry of Education), School of Chemistry & Material Science, Shanxi Normal University, Taiyuan 030032, China
College of Chemistry, Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan 030024, China
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Graphical Abstract


Mixed-ligand and anion-templated strategies in constructing metal nanoclusters are intricate and ingenious processes that face challenges to be studied. Herein, we report a cationic [Ag13(MoO4)4(SC6H4iPr)2(dppp)8]3+ (Ag13) nanocluster, which is templated using four [MoO4]2− anions and coprotected by 4-isopropylphenol (iPrC6H4S) and 1,3-bis (diphenylphosphino) propane (dppp). Two capped (Ag4SC6H4iPr)2 units connect with the middle Ag@Ag4 layer via four [MoO4]2− anion templates to form a three-layer D4h-symmetric structure. An ideal crystallographic fourfold axis passes through the central Ag atom and the S and C atoms of the iPrC6H4S ligand. The layer stacking generates a nonface-centered cubic (nonFCC) structure. The structure and composition of the Ag13 nanocluster have been fully characterized. In addition, the solid ultraviolet–visible (UV–vis) spectra show that Ag13 is a potential narrow-band-gap semiconductor. The photoluminescence (PL) of orange-yellow-light emission is attributed to ligand-to-metal charge transfer. This work has advanced the research on shell engineering of anionic templates and coprotection to assemble high-symmetric Ag nanoclusters.

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Article number: 9140028
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Gao J-P, Qi Z, Zhang F-Q, et al. [MoO4]2−-templated D4h-symmetric sandwich Ag13 nanocluster coprotected with thiolate and phosphine. Polyoxometalates, 2023, 2(2): 9140028.








Received: 01 March 2023
Revised: 24 April 2023
Accepted: 30 April 2023
Published: 11 May 2023
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