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Improving the value of molecular testing: current status and opportunities in colorectal cancer precision medicine

Show Author's information Haiyun Li1,2,*Linwei Guo1,2,*Chenchen Wang3Xin Hu2,4 ( )Ye Xu1,2 ( )
Department of Colorectal Surgery, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai 200032, China
Department of Oncology, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Shanghai 200032, China
Department of Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai 200032, China
Precision Cancer Medical Center Affiliated with Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai 201315, China

*These authors contributed equally to this work.



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Received: 05 August 2023
Accepted: 06 November 2023
Published: 30 November 2023
Issue date: January 2024


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