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Spintronic devices are driving new paradigms of bio-inspired, energy efficient computation like neuromorphic stochastic computing and in-memory computing. They have also emerged as key candidates for non-volatile memories for embedded systems as well as alternatives to persistent memories. To meet the growing demands from such diverse applications, there is need for innovation in materials and device designs which can be scaled and adapted according to the application. Two-dimensional (2D) magnetic materials address challenges facing bulk magnet systems by offering scalability while maintaining device integrity and allowing efficient control of magnetism. In this review, we highlight the progress made in experimental studies on 2D magnetic materials towards their integration into spintronic devices. We provide an account of the various relevant material discoveries, demonstrations of current and voltage-based control of magnetism and reported device systems, while also discussing the challenges and opportunities towards integration of 2D magnetic materials in commercial spintronic devices.

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Two-dimensional magnetic materials for spintronic applications

Show Author's information Shivam N. Kajale1,§Jad Hanna1,2,§Kyuho Jang1,§Deblina Sarkar1( )
MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, ETH Zürich, Zürich, 8092, Switzerland

§ Shivam N. Kajale, Jad Hanna, and Kyuho Jang contributed equally to this work.


Spintronic devices are driving new paradigms of bio-inspired, energy efficient computation like neuromorphic stochastic computing and in-memory computing. They have also emerged as key candidates for non-volatile memories for embedded systems as well as alternatives to persistent memories. To meet the growing demands from such diverse applications, there is need for innovation in materials and device designs which can be scaled and adapted according to the application. Two-dimensional (2D) magnetic materials address challenges facing bulk magnet systems by offering scalability while maintaining device integrity and allowing efficient control of magnetism. In this review, we highlight the progress made in experimental studies on 2D magnetic materials towards their integration into spintronic devices. We provide an account of the various relevant material discoveries, demonstrations of current and voltage-based control of magnetism and reported device systems, while also discussing the challenges and opportunities towards integration of 2D magnetic materials in commercial spintronic devices.

Keywords: magnetism, spintronics, van der Waals, spin-orbit torque, magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ)



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