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Attention-Aware Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network
Big Data Mining and Analytics 2021, 4 (4): 233-241
Published: 26 August 2021
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As a powerful tool for elucidating the embedding representation of graph-structured data, Graph Neural Networks (GNNs), which are a series of powerful tools built on homogeneous networks, have been widely used in various data mining tasks. It is a huge challenge to apply a GNN to an embedding Heterogeneous Information Network (HIN). The main reason for this challenge is that HINs contain many different types of nodes and different types of relationships between nodes. HIN contains rich semantic and structural information, which requires a specially designed graph neural network. However, the existing HIN-based graph neural network models rarely consider the interactive information hidden between the meta-paths of HIN in the poor embedding of nodes in the HIN. In this paper, we propose an Attention-aware Heterogeneous graph Neural Network (AHNN) model to effectively extract useful information from HIN and use it to learn the embedding representation of nodes. Specifically, we first use node-level attention to aggregate and update the embedding representation of nodes, and then concatenate the embedding representation of the nodes on different meta-paths. Finally, the semantic-level neural network is proposed to extract the feature interaction relationships on different meta-paths and learn the final embedding of nodes. Experimental results on three widely used datasets showed that the AHNN model could significantly outperform the state-of-the-art models.

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