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Topical Collection Group: Nano Research Young Innovators (NR45) Awards

Nano Research launched the Nano Research Young Innovators (NR45) Awards program in 2018 to feature young researchers under the age of 45 in various fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, in recognition of their distinguished accomplishments and/or potential to make substantial contributions to their fields. The NR45 awardees were selected through a competitive process by an award committee from the journal’s editorial board. All the awardees will invited to submit research or review papers that underwent through a rigorous peer-review process. Nano Research will publish a Special Issue featuring their work shortly. We will announce the selection details of the next NR45 Awards in the end of every year.

NR45 Award in Nanocatalysis, 2022
NR45 Award in 2D Materials, 2021
Special Issue: Volume14, Issue 6
NR45 Award in NanoEnergy, 2019
Special Issue: Volume12, Issue 9
NR45 Award in NanoBiotech, 2018
Special Issue: Volume11, Issue 10
total 4