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Inauguration Ceremony of Carbon Future

On September 17th, 2023, Carbon Future, an international interdisciplinary journal sponsored by Tsinghua University, has been officially inaugurated. Carbon Future is an open access, peer-reviewed and international interdisciplinary journal that reports carbon-related materials and processes, including carbon materials, catalysis, energy conversion and storage, as well as low carbon emission process and engineering. The journal is published quarterly by Tsinghua University Press, and publicly released on SciOpen, an internationally digital publishing platform for science and technology journals developed by Tsinghua University Press.

Prof. Fei Wei, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Carbon Future, delivered a speech on the aim, significance and scope of the journal in the inauguration ceremony, following the official release of the journal. Eight globally renowned scientists in carbon-related areas, including one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Chunming Xu, Prof. Fei Wei, Prof. Qingshan Zhu, Prof. Jinping Li, Prof. Jieshan Qiu, Prof. Baojun Wang, Prof. Feng Peng, Prof. Hongwei Sun, and one editor Dr. Li Zhang, jointly launched the new journal.

Prof. Fei Wei, specifically pointed out that carbon has been the most important carrier for decades. The earth and the biosphere embrace the worlds of carbon cycle, thus carbon plays a unique role in our life, and it will play a more significant role in in future to achieve a sustainable society. Carbon Future focuses on the basic and applied research, related to carbon materials, carbon catalysis, low-carbon energy, low-carbon chemicals, etc., and is committed to publishing cutting-edge progress in carbon field, promoting scientific and technological innovation, and creating a multidisciplinary academic exchange platform.

Carbon Future has established an international editorial board with many world leading scientists in the carbon field. The first editorial board meeting of Carbon Future was held concurrently on 17th Sept. 2023. 28 scientists participated in the meeting offline and virtually. The Editor-in-Chief of Carbon Future Prof. Wei Fei, and Associate Editors Prof. Junwang (John) Tang and Prof. Martin Oschatz delivered the opening remarks, respectively. The Editor Dr. Li Zhao introduced the progress of the journal. Subsequently, all scientists had an in-depth and enthusiastic discussion, and put forward valuable opinions and recommendations. Those famous scientists will actively promote and strongly support the journal of Carbon Future globally.

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